Friday, May 30, 2008

Guest Bloggage Alert!

Mosey on over to A Daily Trinity of Thanks to read my guest-blog entry about my first day in Cleveland, featuring tons of foliage, squirrelage, and a mysterious gentleman caller:

He watches me cautiously, his eyes intent with hunger. Every time we walk
past each other, he brushes up against me oh so gently. He actually enjoys it
when I spend the night watching
Top Chef with Scribe and hubby, nipping at my
glass of port while we make catty comments about the food. Sometimes I find him
trying to inhale my scent from my jacket, my shirt, the bed sheets.

Coming up soon: spa days, a trip to the Tarjay, Little Italy, and more!


Anonymous said...

it's me again. I followed you here too! ha. ha. I figure that if you're a good friend of Scribe's, then you must be kewl too! I added you to my blog roll. Nice blog!

Tell the gentleman caller I said Hi! I hear he is purrrrfect!!


meimei said...

Thanks so much for the comment AND the add! :) I'll definitely tell K. that you said hi.