Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged, Again

This time the meme comes from The Scribe. Personally, I don't know who else to tag in the blogosphere, but I'm going to dare my social-network friends to do this, bwahahahaha.

Write 10 weird, random facts, habits or goals about yourself. Then list 6 people to be tagged.

Since you asked...

10) I don't get rabid fandom. I'm already turned off by people who get so temperamental when their favorite shows get cancelled - you know, the "I'm not going to watch your network any more because you didn't renew (insert here: Veronica Mars/ Moonlight/ Wonderfalls/ etc.)" - so imagine how even more turned off I get whenever I go to, say, Makeupalley or the Lush North America forums and find myself surrounded by people who threaten to boycott whichever company that decides to discontinue their favorite cosmetic product. People, I hate to break this to you, but: it's business, and any person who has ever run one on their own will tell you that compromises are inevitable. Grow up, people.

9) Which reminds me: I am also not interested in either The Hills or Gossip Girl. If I really wanted to watch a bunch of overprivileged horny teens and twentysomethings wreaking havoc on their lives, I might as well re-read my yearbooks from the high school where The Scribe and I attended. Yeesh.

8) My dad introduced me to country music. And believe me, I resisted for a very long time... until I moved to Hawaii. Now, if you're wondering why a man with a PhD in Economics from a Midwestern university would be a big country music fan in the first place, well, that's another head-scratcher for another time.

7) The following questions are banned from my life until I leave for Cleveland:

"Why would you want to leave Hawaii in the first place? It's so beautiful here!" (Click here.)

"Why can't your sister get you a job at the City & County?" (Um, because I don't want my sister to turn into this major suck-up nepotist?)

6) Also: I still don't have my driver's license. I've never had one, in fact - and when I did work towards getting one, 1) it got interrupted by my trip to the Philippines and 2) by the time I got back, gas prices were so ridiculously high that I couldn't afford the lessons any more. Anyway, I'm so tired of answering the "Why don't you drive?" question any more that I am so tempted to punch people in the face the next time it comes up in conversation. (Sorry, friends, but... really. DROP IT.)

5) I am not a very opinionated person. Not that I don't have opinions - it's just that I hate brandishing them in other people's faces the way I've seen people do. I don't care if what I think makes you love or hate me more - and if you must ask anyway, I'd rather you know more about what I love and appreciate in the first place. Anyone can talk to you about the things they hate (and as you can see in this entry, it's not that hard), but it takes more guts to talk about love.

4) My peanut-sauce noodles are da bomb. While waiting for your linguine or spaghetti to boil, mix the following together: Peanut butter, soy sauce, lemon juice, Sriracha. Throw in a little pasta water from the noodles to thin them out. Drain the noodles, then toss the sauce with some peas or broccoli. Serve on their own, or top it with tofu or chicken.

3) I have a long history of questionable crushes. Admitting to having a thing for Keith Olbermann was one thing. Having a similar thing for Al Gore, on the other hand... oh, honey, no. (And don't get me started on that Barry Manilow phase... although, to be fair, I was eight years old at that time.)

2) I am notoriously picky when it comes to who I add to my social networking accounts. Sorry, guys - I'm just not the type to "just add anyone."

1) And if you really must know... I just paid $30 for a pedicure yesterday, and had my piggies painted with OPI's Suzi Loves Sydney - ironic, considering that everyone else in the salon were having their toes painted a nice, hot summery pink while mine was sporting a deep plum shot through with gold. Now I can say that my feet are peep-toe ready.

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The Scribe said...

I like the darker nail colors myself - spa day coming soon!!! (Need one so badly!!)