Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Case for the... Um, Do I Really Have to Write a Title for This Entry?

Salutations to the readers of Domesticity! Now that I have your attention, I wanted to let you all know that our favorite blogger will actually be taking the next few days off -- because, as we all know, Meimei will be graduating with her Masters degree from Chaminade University of Honolulu on Monday night at the Blaisdell Arena. (And, aye, it also helps that this lovely redhead will be the commencement speaker for that night.) That also means that she has to take care of a lot of things chez Meimei - including the fact that her parents will be arriving in Honolulu over the weekend, and she still has that trip to Cleveland coming up in a matter of weeks. Which means, knowing her, it will take her one whole week to pack... especially if I had any say in the matter, ye ken?

Not if I had any say in the matter, you kilt-wearing bastard! At least I was in a movie that Meimei actually liked. By the way, people, since Meimei will be taking a break this weekend, I won't be surprised if she does end up taking some hot and sexy pictures of her own to post on this site before she goes to Cleveland. I also won't be surprised if she does end up posting something on No Book Left Behind while she takes a break from here, so -- BUTLER! Don't even make me go there and pour jet fuel over your head!

Amateurs, the lot of you. FEH.


EDITED @ 9:22 PM to add: Yes, I finally finished the BBC version of State of Play - three hours of me screaming "Booyah!" and "Hell yes!" and other expletives. If you have ever worked in journalism, you owe it to yourself to rent it... and pray to the highest heavens that the remake doesn't mess it all up.

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