Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Song Syndrome

Adele playing "Best for Last" in Manchester.

So... my parents are gone, and I have one more week to pack and get my schizz together before I leave for my trip to Cleveland. That means I'll be posting a lot -and I mean a lot - of thoughts on travel and packing before and during this trip, since I will be having a lot of stopovers along the way. For now, here's what I've already figured I'm taking on the carry-on:

  • Laptop, with outlet (since my battery got totaled) and headphones
  • Extra headphones for the inflight entertainment
  • Clutch wallet with passport/ checkbook/cards/ cash/ whathaveyou
  • Cell phone
  • Two extra T-shirts (just in case whatever top I'm wearing gets stained somewhere between Portland and Minneapolis)
  • Two books - From Bauhaus to Our House by Tom Wolfe, and French Lessons by Peter Mayle - the better to make me hungry for the food and architecture of The Cleve
  • My meds and vitamins
  • Smith's Rosebud Salve, because I'm too lazy to put on any makeup before I get to my destination
  • Lipstick and some eye pencil, in case I get over said laziness
  • Travel-size Bvlgari Green Tea Body Milk - a freebie from Philippine Airlines (or, as our countrymen refer to it lovingly, "Plane Always Late")

Next post: More of what I'm taking with me.

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