Sunday, August 03, 2008

Randomesticity: All Quiet on the Home Front

Yep, I kind of look like a boy here with my hair tied back and my bangs all wavy- and you can't see much of the eyeshadow - but this is the picture I took right before I headed out the door for my latest job interview. I've practically decided here on the spot that all I need to get me through this fall are the MAC Hot Contrast eyeshadow (which I'm tempted to kiss and snuggle like an overly precocious baby) and the MAC Colorforms quad that I got from Nordstrom... plus the Paint Pot in Painterly as a base. And the "lipstick" I'm using here is Alba Botanica's TerraTints in Blaze, which looks like a dupe of Revlon's Cherries in the Snow (or is it Wine with Everything?) on me.

State of mind: Let's just say that I'm happy - but I really shouldn't have drunk so much Sauvignon Blanc last night, and leave it at that.

Actually reading: Nothing but the newspaper. My apologies if this makes me sound grumpy, but: Yes, the front pages annoy the heck out of me. Yes, I hate it when they try to "balance" things and end up with the most slap-worthy nutcases to represent the contrary opinion. And yes, I hate it when the media portrays the residents of this town as being too content to care about actual change. Yet, like the J-school-educated media hawk that I am, I keep reading, and wondering how this "awareness" would make me a better person....

Okay, rant over. On to less taxing thoughts.

Would be reading: The August issue of Allure with allegedly human celebrity Victoria Beckham on the cover, and also the July/August issue of Smart - everything you'd expect a Hawaii version of Lucky to be, but with better-written beauty articles.

Should be reading: Sarah Dunant's The Birth of Venus.

Hating with a vengeance: These glasses - in every conceivable color, price point, or incarnation. Try as I might, I will never get why people not named Kanye West, Sam Sparro, or Steve Aoki still bother with wearing them - especially in broad daylight, when the tan lines from regular sunglasses are already intolerable! Darned hipster kids.

Currently obsessed with: Damn you, MAC! Just when I've wrapped my head around the new collections you keep churning out, along comes Cult of Cherry - and damned if I wasn't already farklempt over all those new eyeshadow quads! Must you bankrupt me this way? Or is this the universe's way of correcting itself, now that Tower Records has closed down and I can buy singles a la carte from iTunes? Either way - NYARRRR!!! If this keeps up any more, it would be a matter of time before a bunch of girls on my gifting list end up getting their birthday surprises several months early...

Also obsessed with: Keeping my apartment clean. Stress does weird things to a girl; one day I don't feel like doing the dishes, the next day I'm picking off wayward drinking glasses and Swiffering like crazy. What would it be today, I wonder?

Overdue on Netflix (if there was such a thing): Silly me - crushing madly on Gerard Butler, yet still not managing to sit down and watch 300 all the way through. I plan to correct that horrific mistake as soon as possible.

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