Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Case for the Growing Blogroll

Those of you who have been reading my blog may have noticed that my blogroll has been growing significantly. Here's a chance to get to know some of these featured bloggers at hand:

- Blogdorf Goodman. I will concede that Annie of Y-town has exceptional taste in shopping and fashion, as evidenced by the content on her blog. While she may have given up shopping for Lent, she and her in-house beauty editor Cavewoman are currently doing 40 days' worth of foundation primer reviews, which have become a must-read for me. (My pick: Sephora Perfection Makeup Base, which will be the first thing I purchase as soon as Black Saturday comes around.)

- Real Girl Beauty: The lovely and stylish Zoe may be honest in her take on beauty, but it's an honesty that isn't at all intimidating or brutal.

- Rubbah Slippahs in Italy. Before the recent events that brought her back to Kauai, Rowena was a local girl working as a pastry chef in la bella Italia. Her blog covers travels and recipes that will make you swoon with joy.

- The Life of a Ladybug: For some reason, Toya and I seem to share the same passions - in particular red lipstick and the entire L'Oreal True Match product line - and her blog is just so beautifully done. Also worth reading for her takes on pop culture, and the surprising tidbits she shares about her life.

- Manolo's Food Blog and Manolo for the Men: The Manolo, he has begun the expansion of his super fantastic media empire! Luckily for us, Izzy (who covers the menswear) and Mr. Henry (who writes about the food) are both surprisingly insightful.


Toya said...

OMG! I cannot believe you added me to your blogroll! I am honored and am going to return the favor!

You are my new best blog buddy!


meimei said...

Right back atcha Toya! You're very welcome! :)