Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Case for the Moratorium, AGAIN

Once again, if these things would just GO AWAY right now, I would totally appreciate it. Thanks!

Beach pollution on O`ahu

Meg Ryan's face on the cover of the latest Allure

The new person in charge of writing E!'s First Look page (oh, please, like we really need more people ripping off Defamer)

That stupid commercial for Jack in the Box with the overzealous marketing guy ("Washington? He's dead! How about... CIABATTA Junior High!")

People who make out in the middle of serious movies - and by "serious" I mean The Passion Of The Christ (gee, it's not too funny now when you're not living in an episode of Seinfeld, is it?)

Tom Cruise and his terrifying new hairdo

Those reruns of Drew Carey from the final season, when nobody cared

Rolling Stone magazine

Every single housemate from this season of Starting Over, which makes this more of a Shut Up and Go Away

That stupid whistle song, supposedly credited to Juelz Santana

The "Face of Nicotine" anti-smoking ad, which... okay, Hawaii, smoking is TEH EVOL (and I totally agree, since I've been smoke-free for years and couldn't be happier), but did you have to be this corny about it?

Kellie Pickler

Charlie Sheen... and Denise Richards

One more story about Eva Longoria's sex life, up to and including mentions of Tony Parker's "performance"

One more picture of Lindsay Lohan with a fake orange tan that makes her look like a prized Japanese carp

One more "controversial" episode of South Park

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