Friday, April 14, 2006

The Case for the Longer-than-Intended Weekend

Just wanted to drop a short line to let everyone know that Domesticity will be taking a break this weekend, starting with Good Friday and ending with Easter. As much as I tried not to enjoy Lent this year, this has turned out to be a lot of fun (and more entertaining than today's episode of Oprah) and I'm kinda sad to see Lent end this way... but, on the other hand, mama's gotta start eating some time soon, so there you go. Also, I'll be attending all sorts of events during the weekend - Good Friday alone has a lot of activity, plus I'll be on the Windward side for Saturday and at church all morning on Sunday - so it's not like I'm going to find time to blog everything. So hopefully I'll be able to resume our discussion on Monday, when everything winds down.


In other news: Remember how I've been raving about Maybelline's Moisture Extreme lipstick? Well, Longs had them on sale at the Ala Moana store for four bucks (amazing!) and I ended up buying two on different days. Yes, it's moisturizing (though not too moisturizing - I'll stick with my lip balms, thanks) but also surprisingly long-lasting, and a lot of fun to wear.

The first one I bought was Sweet Honey, which in the tube looked like a true red with bronzy shimmer. When I put it on, though, it turned really orange on me, and the effect was less Gisele Bundchen and more Meimei's Mom after a trip to the Estee Lauder counter, circa 1993. I tried to redeem it by layering it with some brown lipsticks that I've had on hand, and it ended up looking more like a proper red lipstick. (This is why I will always buy creamy formulas - you don't get all this fun blending action with most of the goop that passes for long-wear these days!) Still on the fence with this one, though; as much as I like to layer and blend, I don't have much patience to do that on most days... and besides, I'm thinking about giving this to a friend who would look totally hot with the combo of this lipstick and her overall coloration. So I won't be surprised if this gets swapped.

The second one, which I bought this morning, is called Cherry Brown - more like a cherry wood stain than the actual cherry fruit, so it's a brown-based red with no shimmer. This one worked out so much better on me than the Sweet Honey; it's red, of course, but not too dark so as to make me look like a vampire, and not too bright so as to clash with my skin tone. Really nice. This one will be coming with me during the Easter weekend.

As for cute outfits... none so far planned, except that I'm thinking about being comfortable when I go Windward this Saturday, so I've decided on the Old Navy "bell-bottoms" (yes, they're actually boot-cut, but so soft and roomy!) and some seriously strappy sandals with a pretty (though unspecified as of press time) blouse. And I might wear a dress for Easter, as well.

Okay, enough with the talk... see you on Monday!

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