Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Case for the Overshare

Dear readers, as much as I usually don't like to write about my personal life on the Internet (especially after ending my previous, way-too-personal online journal so many years ago) I feel moved to share a little more of myself and how things are going for me in the personal front - especially since there's still a few thematic components that still apply.

Here's the thing: Over the next few months - and on top of all the academic craziness I'll be facing, starting with PRAXIS II and ending with comps - I will be testing the waters of the dating pool once again. Not so much in the "mama's gotta get some action" way, but more along the lines of putting myself out there and getting to know more people in earnest, with the hope of being in a relationship somewhere along the way. This doesn't mean I'll be blogging about my nights out, but this means I will be a lot more conscious about the way I carry and present myself - and, yes, that means more blogging on cute outfits and hot shoes - not to mention hair, makeup, skincare and fragrance.

The thing is, I'm actually looking forward to this new phase in my life, because somehow I feel a lot more confident and secure in myself. It's like I'm genuinely comfortable because I'm doing a lot more for me and not for anyone else - not to keep a job, or to make some acquaintance happy, or to put up some totally fake perception of What A Good Roman Catholic Girl Should Be. (No offense, folks, but trust me - hiding your light under a bushel does not make your any closer to God, if you know what I mean, so it's completely possible to be a good Catholic and still love wearing makeup.) And because I'm growing more into my own confidence, I can now relax and enjoy my life a lot more,and enjoy being around people - especially my own friends and family, who are so good about affirming me and my growth.

So if you notice anything different about me, in person or in this blog - if I'm smiling more, showing more generosity and kindness, or if I'm just glowing with a certain je ne sais quoi - just remember that it's all part of a new deal, and it's gonna be beautiful.

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