Thursday, April 06, 2006

Domesticity Retail Mini-Roundup: Lenten Edition (yeah, right)

Okay, so this has got to be the most difficult Lent for me, and I didn't even give up shopping this year - it's just that the rain just started easing up, and so I went to Ala Moana to fight off the cabin fever. (This, after buying a candle at Ross because it smelled exactly like Gucci Rush - a fragrance that I hated when it first came out and couldn't stop smelling everywhere, but all of a sudden I catch a whiff of it after five years and I'm sighing.) So, on to the shopping...

- Sephora is still renovating, but you should've seen how happy I was to see a shelf devoted to Tarte! Now I can check out the lovely cheek stains (hello, Cloud Nine and Blushing Bride) and lip glosses (aloha, Rhett & Scarlett) in person! In other news, Dessert is still on sale at deep discount, and the Fusion Beauty display is fugly.

- Is it me, or have the clothes at Old Navy gotten way too boring lately? Maybe it's because I wasn't in the market for anything basic, but I felt like all of the stuff on the shelves - even the first-run clothes - look like the ones I already have in my closet anyway. In any case, the ONBody stuff was on sale, so I picked up a shower gel in White Chocolate and Orange - the scent is so much better as a bath product than a lip balm. (I would've gotten the moisturizer to go along, but the few remaining tubes were tampered with at the store... and besides, I can always get a Kiss My Face lotion at the health-food store, so it's no biggie.)

- Speaking of white chocolate and orange... I would've also gotten the Mange Too massage bar at Lush, but I was already fearing white-chocolate overkill. Besides, my real reason for being there was the Fever massage bar - sensual and floral without being overwhelming. When the clerk saw me with the Fever bar, she proceeded to dole out a sample of Mirror Mirror cream, and... okay, I get it, it's a firming neck cream. (Lush also claims that some customers use these for their ta-tas, which... um, judging by what it has done to my neck and chin, should be surprisingly effective. I'm not saying it's a bad product; I'm just saying that it's very, you know, gravity-defying, so I'd check it out if you're in the market for that sort of thing.) Still smells nice, though. And the bunny soaps are SO. CUTE.

- And, on a semi-related note: I can't wait for Target to finally sign the dotted line and build that Super!Tarjay over here, and this is the reason why.


Toya said...

I've been frustrated with Old Navy, too, lately, and it's usually one of my favorite stores. Their clothes are boring now, as are the ones at the GAP.

meimei said...

I know! I've always loved Old Navy and Gap, but I'm growing increasingly sad about shopping at both stores. The only times I've ever been successful is when I buy jeans and T-shirts... and even then it's still a crapshoot, since I'm a size 16 petite for pants.

BTW, Toya, I just remembered that you recommended Bonnie and Clyde for the Tarte gloss! I'll add that to the shopping list.

Toya said...

Definitely get Bonnie and Clyde - best red lip gloss *ever*!

And girl, I feel you on the jeans. I'm a size 10 petite in pants. GAP Curvy jeans are awesome!

Tiabla said...

Wow, I noticed the same thing re: Old Navy. Also, it seems like the lines between Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are becoming increasingly blurred this season. Seemed like they all had the same stuff.

I'm wearing my Gap Curvy jeans right now!

meimei said...

OMG, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the Gap Curvy jeans, too! Best. Jeans. Ever. I wrote about them last December and I'm going to get them soon as well!

The 16P jeans that I got from Old Navy last Christmas were pretty good, too - they're supposed to be "boot cut," but they're so roomy and comfortable that they're like vintage bell-bottoms on me.

Banana Republic's gotten boring clotheswise, as well, and it's been a while since I've stopped by their store, but they're OK with me when it comes to shoes and accessories.

Toya said...

Banana Republic is too damn expensive when I *know* that I can go to GAP or Old Navy and find the same piece for a cheaper price.

Today, I'm wearing jeans from the Limited. As much as I love my GAP Curvy jeans (and I do), I have to say these are better. So dark that they're almost black, flare leg, and they fit like second skin. I believe they're the "Drew" cut.