Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burn Notice + Old Spice = High. Larious.

Actual YouTube comments for this video:

He's Bruce Campbell! He can do whatever he wants, including play piano with no hands. He's like a more suave Chuck Norris.

Bruce Campbell's chin can deflect a .50 Cal HEIAP cartridge, but can also nuzzle a crying baby to sleep.

Come on, get some more Bruce Campbell Facts.

bruce campbell was the first to receive the stories, then i think it was mr t or vin diesel. ending with the chuck norris.

i heard michael phelps once prayed to bruce campbell, to help pass one swim class.

I don't know if these Bruce Campbell facts are true, but I can say this for sure: Thanks to Bruce Campbell, I can now honestly look at Jeffrey Donovan without immediately thinking of him as one of the many annoying characters in that cinematic bastion of annoyance known as Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

(...What? I saw it in the theater, people. And I blame it on a very bad chapter in the life of Younger Meimei and Younger Scribe, because we both saw it sober. Also, between that and Gerard Butler's scenery-chewing in Dracula 2000, it's no wonder that I now wait for my movies to go on Netflix instead.)

Jeff, if you're reading this and you want to secure your spot on the Celebrity Boyfriend List... better start praying to the Church of Bruce, like, now.

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