Sunday, August 24, 2008

...But Wait, There's More!

This morning I woke up thinking about the prospect of starting my regular yoga workouts once again. It's possible now that the weather isn't as hellishly hot as it had been (in fact, I actually welcome the occasional rainy day now) - and now that I'm getting more work in the education field, I find that my chosen occupation requires me to literally run around a bit more than usual - the better to burn off frustration and calories at the same time. (Hey, it has happened to me before - I credit my drop in pants size to a daily routine of lifting boxes at the bookstore.)

Since I already walk a lot (and who needs bus stops when you're clocking major mileage in FitFlops?) I figure that going back to toning would be a great way to balance things out exercise-wise, even as I work on getting more vegetables back into the diet. And since we're talking exercise already, I now have a better idea of what I would like my own perfect body to resemble, with a little more diligence.


Impossible, you say? Well, yes - but so are the sculpted guns and six-pack abs that I've been spotting on celebrities in tabloid bikini shots for the last three years. Sophia Loren circa 1963, in comparison, looks quite soft here - check out the lean forearms tapering into the softer line of the biceps, the thickness of the thighs, and (of course) that legendary rack, boosted up by some fine Italian engineering with the underwire. Even her waist looks pretty thick here - though perhaps that could also be because of the lighting and the lingerie.

Lest you want to argue about La Sophia getting some excellent (and tasteful) plastic surgery, let's face it - it's not like the folks behind the Pirelli calendar are going to ask just about any 70-something to pose for a shot like this. (Next to that, even Penelope Cruz is seriously outclassed.)

And besides, if I can't have that body right now, then at least I now understand why I always end up with shimmery lids and seriously winged black eyeliner every time I get a makeover.

Other bodily inspirations (hotlinks only):
  • Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita (confusing movie - and Ekberg, unfortunately, has not withstood the test of time - but worth watching just for the fountain-dance)
  • Catherine Deneuve in 8 Femmes
  • Ava Gardner in general
  • Toccara Jones (from ANTM) and her Vogue Italia "Black Issue" photo shoot
  • Jennifer Lopez (before she got on my nerves and literally worked her tush off) in Out of Sight
  • ...and, of course, Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City, without whom I would never have gotten so many wardrobe cues to work with over the summer

Readers: Care to present more examples of your own body inspirations? Post in the comments!

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Anonymous said...


I had hair like Catherine Deneuve (spelled right?) when I was a kid and my dad said I resembled her only I'm a brunette. =D