Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Open Letter to a Stranger at the Bus Stop

Dear lady who got stuck waiting for the #4 to come by on Wilder Avenue this morning:

Nothing says "confident" like a sequinned, sleeveless chiffon trapeze cocktail dress and jeweled strappy stilletto heels. Really. If I had legs like that, I'd be rocking that outfit to the supermarket if I have to - I'll give you credit for that, definitely.

That said, when you wear that dress outside on a hot, balmy day, all while complaining and scowling at your co-worker about how TheBus has ruined your plans? Kind of irritating. Especially when I'm coffee-deprived enough to scowl back at you and your annoying voice from 10 feet away.

And when you wear said outfit on said 90-plus-degree day with said scowl on your face and your official name tag from your real-estate company pinned fetchingly on your otherwise cute dress? Um, that's already pushing the line between "confident" and "really asking for rude, snarky comments from complete strangers behind your back."

On the one hand, I'm tempted to make snarky jokes about your employers' dress code and the kind of real-estate showing that would warrant wearing such a vixenish (or should I say cougar-like?) outfit at 10:30 AM on a hot August day. On the other hand... well, I'm just in a very charitable mood right now, you know? I feel bad about saying it. Not because I pity you, but because I can't bear to ruin such an otherwise beautiful day for both of us by being so catty.

Consider this a slap on the wrist, then.


Anonymous said...

Ha. ha. I love it. I'd mail the letter to where she works.


meimei said...

Ooo, tempting! (Here's a hint: She works for a national real estate company... which means that if her bosses were wise enough to Google this, it won't be a blind item for too long, wink wink!) But I think it's already bad that I scowled back at her... hopefully our weather was karma enough. ;)