Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh, That's HOTT

My apolitical heart just cackled with glee over the Paris Hilton for President response video. Especially the part where she declares Maui as the best place to tan.

That said...

Dear Keith Olbermann's on-set airbrusher makeup artist:

I'm beginning to worry that my boy's looking excruciatingly tan lately. Yes, I know that he's trying to distinguish himself from palefaces like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough. Yes, I know that his girlfriend is from LA. Yes, I know that MSNBC shoots in high-definition. But does Keith really need to look like Donatella Versace every single time he's on camera?

By golly, even Paris Hilton's skin color looks more natural than Keith's here. And he's not even supposed to be that dark in the first place. Whose bright idea is it, anyway, to give him foundation the color of stale dill pickles?

I could suggest this, by-the-by (along with this) and of course this if we're talking major skin insecurity. But when it all boils down to it, what we're really looking at is a major pigmentation problem. Especially for a guy who obviously would rather not be caught dead by the (right wing-skewing, Rupert Murdoch-financed) paparazzi while browsing through a Sephora.

Colorprinting, people. Look into it. Or at least get a better lighting consultant. Just ask Oprah.


A reluctant Olberfan

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