Friday, August 08, 2008

Pimp My Compact

My "vintage" Stila 8-pan compact, before:

And after...

The Waikiki and hibiscus stickers are from Wal-Mart ($1.77 each), but you can buy them at most ABC stores and tourist-trap shops on Oahu. The daisy stickers are $1 per sheet at Paperie in Kahala Mall. I chose them to capture not just the freewheeling spirit of my hometown (even though Waikiki is practically indistinguishable from Laguna Beach at this point) but also the girly-girliness of the Stila brand - without the pesky copyright issues.

But wait... there's MORE!!!

*snort* I am SUCH a GIRL. :)

The other stickers were from a blowout scrapbook-sticker sale at Craft Supply of Honolulu at S. King Street. Couldn't help myself - and besides, I had to cover up the rest of the compact with stickers anyway, since the silver paint on the compact has been peeling off oh-so-unattractively. The outside parts of the compact that I couldn't cover up with stickers got a nice top coat of Scotch tape to prevent future paint chips from creeping onto my makeup brush.

I better stop here before my whole wardrobe turns into a Very Special Episode of Cake TV.

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