Friday, May 21, 2010

The Makeover Project: Pilot Episode

I hope that this is the last picture you'll ever see of me as a Size 16. ;)

I've just noticed recently that, while I have been quite fastidious on posting about other people and other things, I've forgotten to post a lot about myself.

Yes, I know - this blog wasn't always supposed to be about me and my personal struggles - but I feel like I've been sloppy with my blogging in the same way that I've been sloppy with the rest of my life. No FOTDs, no pictures of my new makeup purchases... just a lot of overcompensation for the fact that I've been struggling lately.

Lately I've been going back and forth to the doctor's office, and for good reason: Despite my valiant efforts, my blood pressure continues to be unusually high,  my blood sugar has reached pre-diabetic levels, and my uric acid levels has gone from "okay for a thirtysomething" to "lay off the falafels, woman." Don't even get me started on depression, either.

And it all goes back to that all-encompassing Big Meanie of them all: obesity. Yes, the Meimei has been certified obese by Filipino medical standards.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm being asked to diet myself down to FHM cover-girl status; I like myself well enough not to starve. It's just that the extra weight I'm carrying is just that - extra weight. And I, for one, am more than ready to cast it all off - to cut down on the eating and moping, while I build up my courage and intrinsic motivation to be the best Meimei that I can be, regardless of whether or not I'll be able to wear that bikini. 

Welcome to the Domesticity Makeover Project, folks - you will definitely hear more from me soon. :)

Got any tips or motivational words to get me started? Post your comments here!


Momma Makeover said... has a great meal and calorie logging program. Helps me keep tabs on my calories during the day. Also, if you can measure your food in cups - it will surprise you just how much extra you consume in an unmeasured serving. Good luck! Am in the process of getting my eating and health habits back in gear too!

meimei said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

iPod applications are impractical for me - the WiFi in this town is spotty enough as it is, plus I eat a lot of exotic local veggies like kangkong and malunggay. Better for me to just take it all down in a notebook so that a local nutritionist can crunch the numbers for me. Somebody also suggested Weight Watchers, too, but that's not available in my home town either - and I don't think people are into secular support groups out here anyway, so I'll have to find my own support group soon.

Thank goodness for SparkPeople, which I'll discuss in more detail in the next entry. ;)