Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty Persuasion: A Polyvore Set

WARNING: The following entry contains a significant amount of political satire and idle speculation masquerading as fashion commentary. Reader discretion is advised.

Let's just pretend, for a moment, that you are Shalani Soledad.

This week is supposed to be your week. Not only did you recently get re-elected as a city councilwoman, but your long-time boyfriend is literally minutes away from being declared President-Elect of the Philippines. By now you are at home, taking in the relaxing drink of your choice as your mind continues to buzz with all the great ideas that you can bring to City Hall as soon as you get back to work.

Then you start reading the newspapers. (More, after the jump.)

For the purposes of this entry, let's just say that you're not worried about your man Noynoy Aquino - by now you're already used to the quirks in his character that his critics find annoying. No: what really bugs you, in this case, are the reports that he cannot have a wedding in Malacanang during his term - and not only that, but his sisters will be standing in as First Ladies, for as long as he does not marry. Yes, including his annoying youngest sister, who won't shut up about how she thinks her brother doesn't need a wife.

At this juncture, you can't just dump him - you do love each other, after all, and can't risk a messy public breakup. But six years does seem like a long time for two people to discern whether or not they should take their relationship to any level. So you accept the reality of the situation, and tell the press you'll be busy; we don't have to know the real story, but we'll be glad to respect your privacy.

But what if - just what if, for some crazy reason - you do decide, on your own, to quietly launch a covert PR campaign to slowly win public sympathy and keep people talking? And what better way to start that campaign than on the night of the Inauguration, and all the formal affairs that go with it?

That, my friend, is the reasoning behind my latest Polyvore set.

Black Tie, Inauguration Night
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Black Tie, Inauguration Night by meimei96

- The dress. It's a yellow dress - yellow being the color of the Aquino legacy - and the fabric does resemble finely embroidered pineapple fiber. That said, I would like to hire a Filipino designer to modernize the design a bit and make it more age- and figure-appropriate for our friend Ms. Soledad. Personally, I'd like to keep the color, the neckline, and the design of the skirt, but I'd replace the tatty lace with an embroidered pina-fiber overlay and add a Basque waist - similar to the dress shown on the left (from BarongsRUs) - to show off the lean, athletic body without getting too sexy for the room.

- The shoes. Hello, they're jeweled Manolos - why would you want to wear anything else? Besides, I like how the magenta color plays off against the yellow of the dress... and isn't it about time that somebody started having a little bit of fashion fun, even in the middle of a staid, solemn affair at Malacanang?

- The bling. South Sea pearls on a proper Filipina lady are a given, and these Jewelmer Corail earrings fit the bill - sparkly for the evening without being too overdone. I also like the concept behind the Prada clutch shown here, though I'd also love to see a Filipino designer do his or her own version with mother-of-pearl detailing. Of course, in keeping with the yellow theme, I couldn't resist throwing in a proper citrine ring... the better to wear on the right hand, just to throw the gossip hounds off the trail.

- The makeup. There's not much to change here, face-wise; the woman already has her own crisp and classic look going on, as befitting someone who's already in public service. That said, her eyes and cheeks could use more of a boost - again, to keep her looking fresh, even under harsh camera lights - so it would be nice to see her with a bit of Benefit Coralista to add some glow to her ivory skin, plus some earth-toned eyeshadows (i.e. the Dior Artistry Palette in Amber Design) and serious mascara (CoverGirl Lash Blast, natch) for added drama. Since she has naturally rosy lips, she doesn't need much in the way of lipstick - but a smidge of Bobbi Brown lip gloss would be a good complement nonetheless.

Les Nuits D'hadrien By Annick Goutal For Women. Eau De Parfum 3.4 OZ- The scent. Formal events are always the best place to wear a new scent for the first time. That said, I think Shalani would be less of a "perfume" girl, and more likely to spritz on something "fresh" and "sporty" no matter where she goes. Then again, if you are going to be circulating in the same social circle as Kris Aquino, it's not enough to wear just about any random scent from the department store, lest she decides to co-opt your signature fragrance as her own. Ergo, Les Nuits D'Hadrien, by Annick Goutal: fresh and citrusy, but with enough of an edge to keep from getting too cloying. Extra bonus points for the cute bottle, too.

It's about time we brought a little bit of pretty back to Malacanang Palace, after all - what better way to usher in a few new beginnings?

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