Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Your Fantasy: Pinoy Hotness, International Edition

Remember how I blurted out not too long ago that Alicia Keys could've used a hotter guy as a love interest in the "Un-thinkable" video? (I understand that the theme is about interracial relations in terms of "black" and "white," but I still would've preferred any actor other than Chad Michael Murray.) Well, a few days after I said that, I stumbled upon an Internet discussion where the posters suggested that, if Alicia were to cover interracial dating in any of her next videos, she should do show up with a hot Asian guy.

Since I've already covered hot Korean guys on this blog (and seriously, Alicia, would it kill you to fly to Hawaii and get Daniel Dae Kim?) I should go ahead and suggest some hot guys of Filipino lineage who could use a bit of work would be nice to see more often on heavy rotation.

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First up: Dante Basco. Yes, Dante frickin' Basco, who got our little sisters swooning when he showed up as Rufio in Hook. He's doing mostly voice work now (although I did get a false alarm when I heard that he was going to show up in The Last Airbender), but that's understandable; for a while there we thought that he was getting typecast as The Filipino Guy in one too many movies. The last time he showed up in a music video, in fact, was for "The APL Song," and that one barely got any airplay Stateside. Anyhoodles, he's always a welcome presence on our TV - with or without his poetry.

Second: Michael Copon. Doesn't he look like Taylor Lautner's older cousin?

For those of you who remember my fixation on Rock Star: INXS during the early days of my blog, I give you the Fil-Australian singing sensation himself, Mig Ayesa

Speaking of mixed-race Pinoys with foxy accents: UK footballer Phil Younghusband, who obviously deserves better than the crappy handling of his PR affairs in the Philippines.

And because I can't help but mention the guy: Billy Crawford, who's currently having a grand time hosting Pilipinas Got Talent. He may have returned to the motherland, but he's miles away from the guy who sang the Pokemon theme song - and infinitely much more welcome

More Pinoy hotness to come in future editions of this series.

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