Saturday, August 12, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: Rock Star Season 2, Week 6

I apologize for the lateness of this entry, but considering everything else that has happened this week - and how nervous I am going to be in the next few months if the terror alerts continue to be this crazy - I think missing out on a simple blog entry about a relatively trivial reality show isn't much.

Speaking of relatively trivial pursuits, can I just do some beauty blogging about the makeup featured on Performance Night? No, I'm not talking about Ryan donning a look last seen on Flea in the video for "Dani California" (though I love the description of "literal black paint" that Miss Alli gave on the TWoP recaplet a little better), or about Dilana going more for an art-student look for her hair (I missed her performance, that's why), but I have to say that somebody in the makeup department must be doing right by these people. Zayra, for example - the woman is evidently crazy for dressing up like the love child of Mr. Peanut and Chiquita Banana, but I loved the matching yellow eyeshadow, black-and-white eyeliner, and false eyelashes. Likewise, I could care less about what happens to Patrice or Jill, but all I kept thinking about during their performances were the shimmery gold- and brown-tone eyeshadows that both ladies were rocking. Maybe if I started a Rock the Eyeshadow Challenge once we've exhausted all of the lipstick-and-gloss possibilities at Blogdorf Goodman...

Meanwhile, my Magni love is showing no signs of subsiding, especially considering that I never liked that "Dolphins Cry" song to begin with... Hey, that's almost the same thing I typed about Chris Daughtry singing "Hemorrhage" on American Idol, which is making me wonder if the two of them are becoming the same person. Only the adorable earmuff-wearing Baby!Magni can tell us for sure.

And while Magni's beginning to morph into Chris Daughtry, Toby apparently has been snooping into the respective playbooks of JD Fortune and MiG Ayesa. (Mig, I love you! Call me when you get to Manila!) No, seriously: The much-debated-about bullhorn was straight out of JD's repeated pre-album performances of "Pretty Vegas," while the shirt-and-tie combo was definitely a nod to MiG's overall look - or at least his "special guest appearance" on Go Fug Yourself - apart from being a grungy homage to David Byrne himself. So could I help it if his performance of "Burning Down the House" amused me to no end?

Storm... zzzz... oh, wait, I'm sorry, I fell asleep at the typewriter again. Although I must say I'm surprised, because "We Are The Champions" is to this show what "My Way" is to karaoke bars across the Philippines: It's definitely a "kiss of death" song, and you better be lucky if you could survive by the final note. Unlike most karaoke bars in the Philippines, however, I'm pretty sure that security at the Rock Star set have taken precautions to keep Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted unarmed.

Here's also some simple math to tide us over: Lukas + Radiohead's "Creep" - (extreme-hold hair product for his bangs) = definitely nowhere near subtle.

Poor Jill and Josh, though - both of them were overdue for that elimination, I'll admit, but I didn't think either one of them was that bad. My theory, however, is that the Suave Porn guys are just starting to weed out the people who aren't going to stay likable for the next few weeks. This means that, if I go by my calculations, we'll finally see Zayra being shown the exit door next week (please please please let it happen), leaving Patrice and Ryan to swim with the sharks. I don't know who they're setting up for a showdown, though, but I want them to bring on the heartbreak already.

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