Sunday, August 06, 2006

Domesticity Weekend: Links

Some tidbits from across the web:

- If you haven't read Beauty Addict's response to the recent Allure article on blogs, read it now. I'm sorry that this has happened, and I hope there's some peace to be made here eventually.

- I love Jon Farriss. Here he is bringing the funny, if not a little too cranky-sounding -- though maybe I would be, too, if a foreign reporter were to ask such softball questions of me. "The INXS loves you," indeed. (And, no, I won't be seeing them with J.D. and MiG in Manila this week - I have some work to do the next day.)

- Also from yesterday's STAR: The return of Jessica Zafra. Or, for those of you outside the Philippines, here's the best introduction yet to Pinoy snark. Now if she can explain her friendship with David Sedaris to us, I'll be a happy camper.

- From the good folks at E!: Paris Hilton is practicing abstinence, y'all. I'm not going to talk about how this news comes at the heels of Mel Gibson's DUI arrest and Madonna getting picketed in Rome for looking desperate.


A note to those of you who found my blog through a link from Koneko's (Mostly) Beauty Diary: Hello and welcome! Unfortunately, if you are looking for my posts from the Great Mascara Hunt, I'm sorry to say that I didn't write any - I was busy with grad school that month and didn't even get around to post anything, let alone sign up for the hunt! I'm not saying my link was a mistake, though - in fact, I'm glad that K. and Annie remembered me - it's just that I wasn't able to do anything mascara-related for that project. Sorry! Maybe next time.

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