Thursday, August 17, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: A Very Supernova Elimination (Week 7)

We interrupt this post for this important announcement: Shut up, Punk Ass Bitch, because you're just jealous about Taylor Hicks bringing more Sexy Back than you are. Maybe when Suave Porn chooses a lead singer, you'll have something more PAB-like to say by then, no?

Finally, I get to stay up early enough to watch the Rock Star elimination show on Star World, and I get... THIS?!?!?

To be fair, I didn't get to watch the rest of the elimination because that was when I had to grab my bag and leave. But I've got to love Storm's WTF?!?! face when she found out Magni got Bottom 3 and not her, despite her willingness to go down with the rest of the ship. That's how I reacted, too. (I love you Magni!!!) Plus, between Magni's "Creep" and Patrice's "Celebrity Skin" (which made me switch immediately to another channel that was showing the new Evanescence video... Patrice only wishes she could pull off Amy Lee's range in "Call Me When You're Sober") this round really looked like Stick It To Lukas Week.

But how very PREDICTABLE of Suave Porn to get Dilana to perform with them first time out, complete with dancing hoochies (and, should I add, a surprising lack of HoYay when D. got a chance to freaky-dance with said hoochies). As I've said last night, Madame D. has been taking one too many cues from Kanye West lately: justifiable because she does have the talent and confidence to back it up, but it's going to cost her in the long run if she doesn't watch her back. Ahem. Look at what it did to Ty Taylor, yo.

About the encore: Ryan's "In The Air Tonight" is [Dave Navarro voice]AWWWWESOME[/DNv], in the sense that I practically forgot that it was a Phil Collins song. Then again, I still have all these weird thoughts about making Ryan sing "Oh Sherrie" onstage... or at least, pasting his head on Steve Perry's body (while using brain-bleach on whatever Stevarino had stuffed into his jeans) for the video of said song... which I know is not going to happen, since this show is so RAWK! and all.

Which then leads us to the most satisfying end of all: Zayra, Zayra, and Zayra. You're just not right for Our Band, but you've been building the foundation of what should look like an intriguing solo career, where you get to annoy all the backup musicians that you want whenever you don't get to "feel" a song. We all knew it was coming anyway, so goodbye to you and your rubber bodysuits, which I'm sure will be put to good use in your next career.

And so it ends...

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